PROGRAM EASELS AND BRUSHES (this is the 2019 programme. We are working on the 2023 program.


You can draw or paint every day in Cafe De Zon from11 o'clock and in Dorpshuis De Moriaan in the back room on the left

unless there will be a workshop or figure drawing in that room.

Please don't use mediums like turpentine/other smelly solvents or fixating spray! We will provide odourless turpentine. If you need to fixate a drawing; please do it outside!


If you would like to join at the dinner or participate in a workshop please register a day in advance by writing your name on the registration lists. You can find these listst in Cafe De Zon. They are easy recognizable; they are framed with yellow lines.


* * * Doekje van de Dag!! * * * (Canvas* of the Day)


We meet at cafe de Zon, we then will mark your canvas or paper and then you can go and paint or draw around Wijk aan Zee until we meet again at 17 o'clock at de Zon.
All the art works in this assignment have to be realized in one day. You cannot hand in an old art works for this assignment. How to arrange that?

In the morning we will meet between 11.00 and 12.00 o'clock in Cafe de Zon. Take your *canvas, panel, paper, with you and we will put a stamp on it. You can paint or draw a landscape, a seascape, in the village, on the beach, in the dunes, in the woods, in a Cafe like Cafe de Zon or in de Mondriaan, eh, ofcourse we mean de Moriaan. The subject of your art works is entirely your choice. The only rule: you have to finish it this day before 17:00 o'clock because at 17:00 o'clock we will meet in Cafe de Zon. Everyone who participated in this assignment can then vote anonymously for the Canvas of the Day / Doekje van de Dag


The winner (the one with most of the votes) will receive the Artist Award 2019 / Kunstenaarsprijs 2019

and a coupon (worth EUR 100,00) to spend in the art store of Ezels en Kwasten organizor: De KOP van WaZ.


We will be organizing the following workshop as soon as the weather will be nice (so keep looking at this website, Twitter and our Facebookpage to know when it will happen!) :


The festival will also be captured on film and lots of pictures will be taken, you can see these short films and pictures on the website and social media. Films and pictures taken by and with the participation of Jan van der Land and Jacky de Vries from Roetz.


We hope you will enjoy our programme!!