Invitation Easels & Brushes 2020

Invitation Easels and Brushes


Twenty years ago, in 1999,  Wijk aan Zee started the Cultural Village foundation. As a spinoff in 2002 Easels and Brushes was organised. Initial as a week for painters the festival is now open for all forms of art. Sculpture, Photo or video is just as welcome. 

The festival starts on the 7th of May  with a welcome dinner and ends on Sunday the 17th with an auction of the artworks. In between those days there are a lot of activities to join.


This year’s theme of the festival is: "Freedom",

The celebration of 75 years of freedom. What means freedom for you? As an artist we were always trying to persuade people to look at a different way at the present we were living in. Freedom en special the freedom of creation is essential in our being!

To take part will cost € 25,-. We will do our best to find free places to sleep by local families for participants out of the sister Villages of Wijk aan Zee. Beside that we can help you to find places in a hostel or hotel in Wijk aan Zee as well, off course you have to pay for sleeping in a hotel or hostel.

Soon you can click here to download the participation form and please sent back by e-mail