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2023, The year that “Ezels en Kwasten” returns to Wijk aan Zee. (Ezels en Kwasten = Easels and Brushes) For 10 days artists from all over Europe will gather together in the small coastal town and work together (but individually) with the intention to produce a work of art within 9 days. This Art Festival ends with a collective exhibition on Saturday Juni 10th and a public auction of all the work produced during the festival on June 11th. 

There will be different works shops for the artists to participate in, joined meals and working in the company of like minded people is experienced by the participants as very inspiring.


If you would like to come to Wijk aan Zee from June 2nd until June 11th and be one of those artists that will be admired by the inhabitants and visitors of Wijk aan Zee then please keep an eye on this space. The price, conditions for participation and the participation form will be published here in January 2023. If you have any questions about i.e. travel, possibilities for accommodation or any other question please send an email to We will assist in making your participation possible where ever we can.

Be very welcome in Wijk aan Zee.

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