Info about the festival

If you participatie you are welcome in Wijk aan Zee to work in one of the locations (café de Zon or Dorpshuis the Moriaan) at your work which you will exhibit and sell at the auction.

There are tables and easels available for you. You can leave your materials until you finish your work. But, please make room for other artists when you don't come.

This also to prevent damage at your work.

You can work at home as well, but we appreciate your appearance in De Zon or the Moriaan during the festival.

We also organise workshops and several activities, see the program.

The program and the lists to sign in, will hang in Café de Zon near the bar. You can write down your name to participate diner or workshops.

 At the end of the ten days painting you deliver your work at Friday 15-5 (1-3 arts, depending the amount of participants) to be judged and te be sold at the auction at Sunday 17-5-2020

During delivering your art you will be asked: Title, material, sizes and the price.

Please be aware of the low tresshold off this auction and ask a reasonable amount.